History of the Primitive Baptist Church from
Apostolic Times until its Establishment in America

Apostolic Church Succession of the true church is proven in various ways:

(1) by the actual unbroken chain or historical progression of churches, and of ordained ministers.

(2) by the history of the true uncorrupted text of the Bible; and by its doctrine, polity, and practices.

(3) by the history of baptism by immersion.

(4) by the history of persecutions of the church written by her enemies; and by books and manuscripts which have been preserved, written by both modern and ancient writers in the true church, which show why they believed the church had existed since the days of Christ and the Apostles.

Apostolic Church Succession Charts, Lists, and Tables

Articles Supporting Primitive Baptist Church Succession

Clement of Rome, Ignatius, and Polycarp





The Ancient Waldenses, by Elder Albert Moore

The Ancient Waldenses, by Elder Lemuel Potter

The Ancient Waldenses, by Elder John R. Daily

The Dark Ages, A. D. 500-700

The Paulicians

Peter de Bruys, Henry of Toulouse, and Arnold of Brescia, A. D. 1100-1200

Anabaptists and Bohemia

Wickliffe and the Lollards, A. D. 1300-1400

Wales and England, A. D. 1500-1700

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