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Nestled in a shaded country spot between Polo and Mirabile, about a mile north of Highway 116 on County Road "T", is the meeting house of the Log Creek Church. The church was organized in February 1840, with eight charter members, viz., William C. Butts, Frances A. Butts, John C. Lillard, Frances Lillard, Armstead Bragg, Dully Bragg, Nancy Thomas, and Malinda Kendrick.

The church held meetings at first in the homes of members, then in the Log Creek school house. A meeting house was completed by July 1853. A second building was completed in February 1873.

Ministers ordained by this church included James Reid (September 1840), William J. Pollard (March 1871), James C. Penney (June 1872), and Loyd Bryant (June 1953).

Pastors of Log Creek Church included Elders James Reid (1840); Eli Penney (1847); John Turnidge (1847); Allen Sisk (1866); W. J. Pollard (1874); James C. Penney (1874); G. W. Stout (1890); Allen Sisk (1892); J. M. Smith (1914); Leon H. Clevenger (1916); R. M. Willett (1939); and Loyd Bryant (1963).

The records disclose the following account which was given at the centennial observance in 1940: "The history of the church was read by Elder L. H. Clevenger and very appropriate remarks were made by Mr. J. C. Penney, the head of the J. C. Penney Stores, and a son of the late Elder J. C. Penney, a former pastor of Log Creek Church, which was very much enjoyed by a crowd of around 1,000 people who attended this service. He was followed by Elder L. E. Thompson of Colorado, who was a grandson of the late Elder Eli Penney, who also had the care of Log Creek Church at one time. Just before the noon hour we partook of the Lord's Supper, sang a hymn, and went out."

Elder Eli Penney (1799-1871), grandfather of J. C. Penney, joined in December 1844; Mary "Polly" Penney (1802-1875), grandmother of J. C. Penney, joined in December 1844; Elder James C. Penney, father of J. C. Penney, joined in July 1871 (he was excluded in April 1889, by advice of a council from churches of the Fishing River Association, for advocating Sunday Schools and a salaried ministry); Mary Frances "Fannie" Penney (1842-1913), mother of J. C. Penney, joined in July 1871; James S. Penney (1808-1876), brother of Elder Eli Penney, joined in September 1844; Jannett Fortune Penney, wife of James S. Penney, joined in September 1844; William Penney, relationship unknown, joined by baptism in April 1871; a sister Penney, first name not given, joined by baptism in September 1871; Lemuel and Hetty Penney, relationships unknown, also joined.


Adams, Baird, Baity, Blevin, Bragg, Brookshire, Brown, Bryant, Buckley, Burk, Butts, Campbell, Capps, Cates, Chapman, Clevenger, Craven, Cravens, Creason, Crouse, Crowley, Culver, Dale, Davis, Dixon, Early, Earnst, Ellis, Estes, Fortune, Frazee, Goodman, Gray, Green, Griffey, Hardwick, Hendrix, Hiatt, Hill, Hines, Hobson, Hooper, Hopkins, James, Kearns, Kendrick, Kial, Kibling, Leeke, Lile, Lillard, Loy, McElwee, McGuire, Meyers, Moore, Morgan, Nesbitt, O'Dell, Parker, Partin, Pate, Penney, Perry, Piburn, Pollard, Pryor, Quinn, Ray, Reid, Riblin, Robison, Rogers, Roland, Staly, Steel, Steepleton, Swisher, Tantlinger, Thacker, Thomas, Thompson, Turnidge, Vanhoozer, Webb, Whitenac, Willet, Woolary, Wyatt. Also, Thomas (a negro slave), and Sarah (a negro slave).

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