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Little Flock Church was organized in December 1850 (a request for this purpose was presented to the Oskaloosa Church on November 23, 1850), by Elder John Harper and others, with thirteen charter members. The church sent as messengers, Elder John Harper, James Locke, and Dreura Stephens, to meet at the Des Moines River Association, in August 1851, and reported 23 members at that time. In August 1852, the church reported 26 members. Little Flock Church was one of the seven churches which were dismissed from the Des Moines River Association at the 1852 session, for the purpose of organizing the Western Association, which took place at Oskaloosa, in October 1852.

Elder John Harper, the founder and first pastor of the church, moved to this area in 1850 from Hancock County, Illinois, where he had established Shiloh Church (near St. Marys) in 1842, and Enon Church (in Nauvoo) in 1845. In the March 1851 issue of "Western Evangelist," the following extract appears: "The following note from our friend and agent, G. C. Bradley, will gratify many readers, as well as the Editor, since it gives an item of news from Bro. Harper: "Elder John Harper requested me to say to you, to change his papers, from Nauvoo, Ills., to Knoxville, Marion Co., Iowa - also to let you know he has a church constituted near Knoxville, of 13 members." Elder Harper died in 1853, and was buried in the Comptine Cemetery at Knoxville.

Pastors who served this church included Elders John Harper, D. S. Stevens, Bonham Kester, David Wortman, James B. Burch, J. M. Arledge, George J. Jones, William M. Rose, J. S. Locke, and E. M. Keeney.

A letter dated March 1917 from Brother William Bridges, published in the Messenger of Peace, states that thirteen members of Little Flock Church were meeting at Pleasantville each fourth Sunday and Saturday before, and near Attica each second Sunday and Saturday before. Elders William Rose and J. S. Locke were preaching at these meetings. Elder Rose moved to Oregon in 1920, where he died in 1935. The remainder of the church continued to meet at their original site, under the pastoral care of Elder George J. Jones. The division (of which the cause is unknown) weakened the church, and led to its demise by 1929. Elder Jones continued preaching at other Primitive Baptist churches until his death in 1943.

The Little Flock Cemetery marks the original site of this early church, about six miles east of Pleasantville.


Banks, Bridges, Burch, Clark, Cornell, Drake, Funk, Harper, Jones, Keeney, Lemmon, Lock, Long, McQuerry, Peters, Pope, Reeves, Rose, Smith, Stephens, Watkins, Wood (very incomplete list due to loss of records).


North Cedar Primitive Baptist Church was organized in about 1855. This church became a member of the Western Association. The church continued to meet until about 1910. We have a copy of the deed for the property, showing the exact location.

In November 1887 Elder John T. Bixler was ordained to the ministry by this church. Elder George J. Jones was also a member here for a time.


Bixler, Bridges, Briggs, Hill, Jones, Lock, Newhouse, Whiteley (very incomplete list due to loss of records).

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